Thursday, January 9, 2014

wxBanker on Mac OS X 10.9.1

It took a lot of trial and error getting wxBanker set up on the latest Mac OSX. Here's the sequence of steps that worked for me:

1. Download the source from github.
2. Download the dmg for wxPython 2.8 from sourceforge.
3. Run the uninstaller script first to remove wxPython 2.9.*
4. Run the package installer for wxPython 2.8.
5. Run   arch -i386 python2.7
If you don't use the older version of wxPython, you will see an assertion failure in DoInsert() in the wxPython source.
If you don't run Python using arch it will default to the 64-bit version of Python, which wxPython2.8 doesn't like.

Finally, to sync your database using Dropbox, just remove any existing bank.db file and create a symlink:
ln -s ~/Dropbox/bank.db ~/.local/share/wxbanker/bank.db

*A better way is to edit the source and use wxversion to select the older version of wxPython. That way it is not necessary to uinstall the newer version.


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